If you wish to work for us you will need:


All new workers must have the Ontario Government mandated Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 steps certificate. If you don not have it yet click on the link https://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/elearn/worker/index.php and complete this 30 min course. We suggest you print a few certificates when you are finished and keep a digital copy as all employers require this certificate. Please upload your certificate with your resume and self evaluation form

You must have WHMIS training. This is also mandatory in most work places. If you don’t have it you can click here.

Please email your certificate with your resume and self evaluation form.

SAFETY Equipment:

All new workers must have CSA approved (green triangle) hard toed foot wear and a hard hat. All employers require PPE. Some may also require High visibility wear. Check under “new Workers” to see what specific employers require.


All employers have a different version of the dress code, so when you get a call to work check back to the New Workers section to see specfics of that employer. In general you should have clean intact (not ripped) clothing with no logos or slogans. Be aware that t shirts with offensive sayings or graphics will get you sent home.