What do I need?

  1. CSA green patch safety shoes/boots are required at all venues. For a list of specific tools, by employer, check out the Venues Info section of this website.
  2. You may also require hard hats/helmets and high visibility safety work apparel. If you are unsure, ask when you are given the call by the Business Agent or refer to the Venues Info page of this website before you arrive for the call.

Who and where do I report to?

If the Business Agent has not specified who you check in with, refer to the Venues Info section of the website. This will give you the contact info and tool list as well as parking instructions, and entry instructions for each venue. Also, check to see if there is paperwork or certificates you need to bring. If you are unsure Ask!

What is expected of me?

  1. Always arrive early and be ready to begin working when the shift begins. Lateness will result in replacement of your position and you will be sent home without pay.
  2. If you don’t know, ask. Never assume.
  3. Any and all issues must be brought to Head’s attention including medical and personal.
  4. If you accept a shift and then fail to show up or leave the shift without notice you will not be called for further shifts.
  5. Positive attitude, strong work ethics are required.
  6. If you accept a shift, you are there for the duration unless otherwise notified by the Head.
  7. DO NOT LEAVE until you have been released by your head.
  8. If you are called for work, always ask the dispatcher what tools are required.
  9. Be Professional……We work hard to provide a safe inclusive professional environment. There will be zero tolerance for lateness, alcohol, drugs, disruptive behaviour, horseplay, sexual harassment, bullying or unbecoming conduct of any kind!
  10. No photo, video or recording devices allowed during work.
  11. Keep track of your hours. You are responsible for keeping a log dates, hours, venue, production, position if you wish to be considered for membership.