Working at Heights Tickets obtained in 2016 are due for a refresher this year. You must refresher before your expiry date or you will not be able to work until you take it. It’s the law!

We will be running these refresher courses On Tuesday March 19th and Wednesday March 20th at 12:00 pm at First Ontario Concert Hall (Hamilton Place) in meeting rooms 1 and 2. You must register in advance with Gary. Space is limited to 12 per class and is first come first served. The class will be 5 -6 hours. There are 48 spots available in total. If these classes are not full, we will NOT be running the refresher again this year. Those who got their certificate through their employer will do so again, at the appropriate time.

In order to take the WAH refresher course you must have the card the Ministry of Labour sent you when you took the first course. If you do not have it or think you didn’t receive one, you must call the Ministry to obtain the unique identification number associated with your training history. Without this number, your refresher certificate will be denied and you will be required to take the full course again.

To obtain this number call the Ministry of Labour at 1 877 202 0008. Tell them that you are looking to get the number on you Working at Heights card. They will direct you accordingly. You may have to leave a message, and someone will call you back.

If you do not have the number, you will have to take the full course again.