EMPLOYER Global Spectrum (CORE) – First Ontario Concert Hall (Formerly Hamilton Place)
ADDRESS 10 Macnab St S
Hamilton ON
  • Bay and Main
  • Bay and York
  • Bay and Cannon
  • Macnab & Jackson
PPE REQUIRED Hard Hat, CSA Hard-Toes Shoes
TOOLS REQUIRED Adjustable Wrench, knife, flashlight
ENTRY POINT Macnab Street Between Main and King
REPORT TO Jim Brown – Head Carpenter
STEWARD Rotating
  • Clean well kept unripped clothing, No logos or graphics.
  • Show Blacks: Clean black pants (no shorts) and a long sleeve black shirt, black shoes.
  • Dress Blacks: Black Dress pants, black long sleeve dress shirt, Jacket and Tie MAY be required
GENERAL INFORMATION Please arrive 15 mins prior to call time and wait either at reception or on the loading dock until someone comes to get you.